About Lydia

Lydia Whitlock was born in Baltimore and grew up in Atlanta, where she managed to avoid attracting a southern accent. She graduated from Yale University in 2008 with a B.A. in Film Studies. Her experience there taught her interesting ways to write and think about a variety of things, primarily film, music, and photography, skills which she has actually managed to put to use outside the field of academia.

She stumbled into the world of treatment writing, image pulling, and layout after working as an assistant in Hollywood for five years, and considers it to be the most enjoyable day job she’s ever had. The opportunity to work with creative people and to delve deep into the worlds of art and film is one of her favorite aspects of the job. Over the course of her work in treatments, she's taken on more creative responsibility, overseeing both writing and layout from start to finish, as well as working with creators to help them realize their visions for narrative and non-narrative projects.

Thanks to the flexible nature of freelancing, she's also been able to take on food-related jobs, working for a spice company to develop and photograph recipes featuring their products, as well as serving as the food stylist on various jobs, most notably for Penguin Random House cookbooks.

When Lydia's not working, she can probably be found reading, cooking for herself and friends, hiking, watching a movie, or exploring Los Angeles.